So many to thank!

Hi everyone,

David from 417 MagazineTuesday morning I’ll present myself at Mercy Hospital at 5:30 for surgery scheduled for 7:00 or so. I should be home in the afternoon.

There’s no way I can respond to all the warm, supportive notes and calls, except to tell you all as a group that I’m an extremely lucky man and know it.

For the past four days I’ve lived on cereal, a banana, some grapes, an apple, low-fat frozen yogurt, one glass of wine, two vodka and tonics, water, a few asparagus tips, half of a small fruit dish, and half of a small green salad.

My poor wife has lost four pounds and I’ve lost five. I’m hoping the gallbladder weighs enough to further the cause but it probably won’t.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you one and all for your wonderful wishes. I loved them each and every one but haven’t had the stamina to respond.

Hello to everyone at the Warrensburg LitFest. I miss you!


24 comments on “So many to thank!

    • Thank you, Anne. The operation wasn’t so bad but it will take a few days before I could join one of your yoga classes.

  1. Have read about your troubles and hoped you would be ok till surgery. In the end you will feel so much better. Will send positive thoughts your way. Sounds like a good diet if you can have a little wine and some G &Ts!! Take good care.

  2. Oh, David! This is not the approved weight loss method! Please take good care of yourself and know that prayers and love are flying your way.

    • Hello, Dona! Turns out the bladder only weights 2 or 3 ounces. Hardly worth all the trouble. But I guess I’ll leave it out.

    • Hi dear Renee!

      Thanks for the good wishes and hugs. You’re a good hugger! I’m loving the pictures you’re posting these days. Those boys are just plain fun. XO

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