Hooray for David Harrison Elementary School!

Hi everyone,

The operation was fine. Got there on time and was in the operating room by 7:30, the first patient of the day. The gallbladder was inflamed and difficult to get out, but out it came. Dr. Larson also discovered and repaired a hernia hiding in there somewhere so I might feel that, too, for a few days. Home by noon, chowed down on yogurt, and tried not to get up and down much for the rest of the afternoon.

Then to add pure joy to my day, two teachers from David Harrison Elementary School, plus a daughter of one came by as promised to deliver get well cards made by students. And a card signed by teachers and staff. AND two bowls of exquisite chicken noodle soup!!! So my utmost gratitude to Roxie McQuarry and Julie Curry for all that work and generosity — and to Harrison graduate Nora Curry who came along to add further to my delight. (I was asked to tell you that Julie’s hair style was arranged by recess duty.)

I don’t wish to brag, but what would you say if you were I? My point exactly!

My thanks and love to every one of those Harrison Huskies. RUFF RUFF!

School with students


22 comments on “Hooray for David Harrison Elementary School!

    • Thank you, dear Jane! I just saw a fox running across our back yard watching the geese close to shore. I fell better already!

  1. So glad to hear that all went beautifully, David. We are in the midst of a blizzard right now, so that chicken noodle soup sounds mighty fine. Have some good R & R and enjoy those wonderful cards!

    • Ouch. Good luck with the storm, Linda. Hope the sun soon joins the fray and melts the stuff. Soup is just the thing. Especially when sipped while loving all these get well cards!

  2. Awww. Sweet kids & folks. Sweet, you! Heal more, heal steady. Here we love Italian wedding soup, for nurturing loved ones thru sick times. It’s a fabulous chicken broth with garlic & tiny tiny meatballs in it (for when you can begin to go back to those foods…) Springtime breezes to you & your sweetheart.

    • Hmmm! The soup sounds delicious! Thanks for the sweet wishes. This morning I’m not as sore as yesterday morning so that’s progress.

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