A month of Harrison poetry

Hi everyone,
David from 417 Magazine
Yesterday I finished pulling into several boxes the material I’ll need to fill an entrance hallway display case at The Library Center on South Campbell Avenue in Springfield, Missouri. I was honored to be invited to display my poetry and related work throughout April to celebrate National Poetry Month.

When the current display is taken down later this week, I’ll drive out to The Library Center (TLC) and put up my own. As I calculate, there’s enough room for roughly 48 books face-out. I think I have more than I’ll need but won’t know until I start developing the display. When it’s finished, I’ll show you a picture.

It will be nice to have the display in place prior to my book event on Sunday afternoon! My thanks to the good folks at TLC for inviting me and especially to Director of Community Relations Kathleen O’Dell for holding my hand as we’ve walked through the process.


6 comments on “A month of Harrison poetry

    • Each and every one has a memory. And there were other treasures too. I rediscovered letters from my first and second grade teachers written in 2001 when they were both in their upper eighties. Nothing like having our grade school teachers remember us fondly!

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