When Harrison meets Harrison at Harrison

Hi everyone,

When I went to visit The Living Museum on Monday at David Harrison Elementary School, here is one of the students who read about me, wrote a script, memorized it, and performed it flawlessly when I touched the “activation” sticker on his hand. His name is Brendin. His hair was brushed and he wore a nice dress shirt and tie. I was impressed! I don’t have pictures of the other two students who chose me so I’m sorry not to introduce them too. For now, though, and with thanks to his teacher Scotty Kujath, here is Brendin!
Living Museum 023

10 comments on “When Harrison meets Harrison at Harrison

    • Thank you, Jane. I don’t know about Brendin but I felt great. He handled himself beautifully. I went around the room listening to students recite their essays on other Missourians — Brad Pitt, Harry and Bess Truman, Sacagawea, Jesse and Frank James, Sheryl Crow, and so on — and one girl confided that she was scared to death talking to me. I suppose that talking to a building can be intimidating.

    • Thank you kindly. Don’t you love the idea of this? Kids must have fun choosing someone they want to learn about, doing the reading and work to get ready, writing their talk, memorizing it, and practicing their delivery. Talk about a lesson that has it all!

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