Word of the Month for April

Hi everyone,

Thanks to all for making the most out of slush in March. Now we’ve turned the corner, more or less, and can focus on the months of growth that lie ahead. I say we make the most of it. And so, the Word of the Month for April is MAKING. Ready set go!

7 comments on “Word of the Month for April

  1. Making

    I am the Maker;
    Risk Taker,
    the Fool.

    My hands
    and my brain
    Are the ultimate Tool.

    I Measure
    the Mystery ,
    pound out each Word.

    The Binder,
    the WInder Up,
    Vision unblurred.

    ©2016 Jane Yolen

  2. To English as a Second Language students

    To do or To make

    These are two verbs that give me trouble
    Sometimes I think I am seeing double
    I do my homework but I make the bed
    Then I make a decision to make a face instead
    Dad does the cooking and does the laundry
    He does a good job and isn’t ornery
    My sis does the dishes and my mom does the shopping
    I will make a decision to keep on mopping
    I have made progress in understanding these verbs
    I am not trying to make fun of these wonderful words
    I have made an attempt to do my best
    Now I will have to learn the rest

    Jeanne Sevart

    • Welcome, Jeanne. I’m so glad you’ve joined us! At the top of this page you’ll find a box labeled “Adult W.O.M. Poems.” You’re always welcome to post here but you may prefer to post your poems there where you can watch the number and variety of poems posted there grow throughout the month.

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