The face

Hi everyone,
1st day of school, Ajo, Arizona,
I wish I’d cut out the picture but I know from experience that I’d probably file it somewhere and never find it again. The picture in the paper on Easter was of a little boy about four years old.

The boy was hunting Easter eggs on the lawn. He was crouching, facing the camera. The egg was in the grass to his left. He wasn’t looking directly at it, as though he might not want to tip his intentions just yet. But his arm was extending and his open hand hovered bare inches from his prize. His eyes were sly with anticipation. His lips registered something between smug and giggle.

I thought, I’d give a lot to feel — even for a fleeting second — what that little kid was feeling, to experience once more the triumph of laying claim to a treasure that no one else has seen.

And then I thought, but I do have that feeling. I have it all the time. That little boy might as well have been sneaking up on an idea, and perhaps one day he will. Maybe I just saw into a child’s future. That’s such a good idea that I’m going to find a mirror right now to see how my lips look.

2 comments on “The face

  1. Late to reply, but I wanted to let you know how much I liked this post, David. In fact it was a little deja vu-ish since yesterday morning I woke from a dream where a little boy was being introduced to tubing in a beautiful area (wish I knew where it was!). In my memory, I keep seeing his face light up over and over again… it was as if the whole world opened up to him in that one moment.

    • Thank you, Michelle. Kids’ lives are in their faces, especially in those unguarded moments when pure emotion comes through.

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