Goose Lake is selling!

Hi everyone,
David from 417 Magazine
Okay, so when I say that my e-book GOOSE LAKE is selling, that’s a relative term. When I published it in 2011, I opened a checking account to making record keeping simpler. I put into it the funds needed to publish the book. I arranged with Barnes & Noble and Amazon to make direct deposits from sales into the account. Then I waited.
Goose Lake
Waiting for money to trickle into the GOOSE LAKE account is somewhat like watching a stalactite grow, but now and then a little something drips in. That’s why I say with pride-in-cheek that this past month was a banner month for sales. At least a dozen copies sold!

But you know what, it’s still one of my best books and I’m still proud of it and I still celebrate when even one more person has plunked down $2.99 to buy a copy. GOOSE LAKE is selling!


5 comments on “Goose Lake is selling!

    • Matt: you can read it on your computer! (Just download the Kindle app onto your PC or Mac.) I own 2 Kindles, a Nook, and an iPad but sometimes I prefer to read ebooks on my computer (or phone). One reason to have e-books on my computer is for easier sharing with a projector/Smartboard.

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