Two good friends

Hi everyone,

I haven’t had a chance to tell you what a fine time I had last Friday when dear friend Cheryl Harness came to town from Independence, Missouri to do a writing workshop for veterans hosted at Drury University. Cheryl Harness, 1 What a talented lady! She paints, she writes, she sculpts, and she carries an encyclopedic amount of history in her brain.

Our last time together was when we were the two speakers at a conference at Sterling College in Sterling, Kansas last year so we had tons of catching up to do. I took her to Big Whiskey’s where we whiled away the afternoon sipping milk and nibbling cookies. We had a fine time.
Bill Anderson
And as if that weren’t enough excitement in my life, another talented friend of many years, Bill Anderson, is coming to town next week — the very day I get back from Houston — and we’re already planning on a good visit.

Bill also knows how to make history come alive for young audiences and his fans flock to hear him talk about his books on Laura Ingalls Wilder, Mark Twain, The von Trapp Family, and many others. I took Cheryl to see “my” school and Bill is kind enough to ask to see it too. Oh twist my arm!

10 comments on “Two good friends

  1. Appreciations for your sharing visits with these two talented pals.
    I can swivel around to easily spot two Cheryl’s history picture books (Lincoln, Washington,) on my shelves. When I first “found” her, the range of her ways of expressing ideas (visual art & words) caught my eye.
    And Bill is a good name new to me, so I will check him out.

    • Cheryl and Bill are both extremely talented people. I’m glad you’re going to get to know the works of William Anderson.

  2. Boy, you are pumped, this is what good friends do to us. I attended a couple of SCBWI workshops where Cheryl was a speaker. What a detailed illustrator; I was all bug-eyed as she shared how she painted the pictures she created. keep on enjoying yourself for I love happy stories.

  3. I had the pleasure of hearing Bill speak about Laura several years ago, and am happy to see that he has a new book out–The Selected Letters of Laura Ingalls Wilder. I have yet to meet Cheryl, or you in person. A person needs goals. Have a great time with your friends.!

  4. Am I jealous or what??!! Ha!

    Cheryl is an absolute gem of a person – and I’m still so thrilled that she connected me with both you and Bill years ago! Three authors who love kids, and share their talents willingly with students! Thanks to you all, I am one lucky teacher, and a lucky person to know all three of you!

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