Welcome to my blog

Hi everyone,

During the Texas Library Association Conference I made a number of new Facebook friends. I look forward to hearing more from and about them in the coming days, and I also hope that some will find their way over here to my blog posts.

With that in mind, here’s a quick course on navigating around my blog. I don’t post something new every day but I don’t miss many. Longtime followers will tell you that I share my life here. At times I almost feel as though I’m writing in my journal but leaving it open for others to read if they wish.

I always begin with, “Hi everyone.” On most mornings I type that, sit back, and wonder what I’m going to say next. Sometimes what I have to say may not interest you much but I’ll be back the next day, perhaps with something you like more. Writers tend to become rather focused on themselves and what they do, but blogs like mine provide an open forum that frequently attracts insightful comments, thought-provoking questions, and poems by people you’ve heard of as well as new voices you might enjoy.

If you’d like to leave your own comment, click on the small “thought balloon” at the upper right-hand corner of the page, scroll down to the box marked “Leave a Reply,” type it in, and click on the box marked “Post Comment.” The first time you do this a message pops up to let me know I need to approve you. After that your comments go straight to the post without delay.

Every now and then I throw a virtual party at my house or in the back yard. Everyone is invited. Some bring refreshments but it isn’t required. More than 2,500 people follow the blog so you never know who might drop in. It’s always loud and lively and a great place to make contacts.

Along the top of the post page you’ll find other boxes. One is marked “Adult W.O.M. Poems” and another is “Young Poets’ W.O.M. Poems.” Every month I issue a new word for the monthly Word of the Month poetry challenge. Take that word, let it speak to you, write a poem, and post it on the “Adult W.O.M. Poems” page. If you’re a teacher and want your students to have the fun of seeing their work posted, you can post up to three student poems each month on the “Young Poets’ W.O.M. Poems” page. Do NOT worry if you’ve never published a poem or even tried to write one. Believe me, we welcome poets at every stage from complete beginner to world renown favorites.

The other three boxes are marked “About”, “Talks and School Visits”, and “Videos and Interviews.” The About page is woefully out of date and one of these days I’ll do something about it, but the other two are in fairly good shape and might be of interest under the right circumstances.

You’ll find a shortcut to my website in a box along the right-hand column. Go there and browse around several sections, including a full list of my books. If you sign my guest book, you’ll make my day.

There you have it. Welcome!


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