Poetry workshop reminder

Hi everyone,
David at David Harrison Day
Today’s post is a reminder that I’ve agreed to do another workshop for poets at The Barn near Honesdale, Pennsylvania, August 21-24.

I’ve scheduled us for three hours of writing each morning and each afternoon, and I’ll be there throughout to act as sounding board, mentor, facilitator, and coach. After two full days, each poet will have at least four poems, each in a different subgenre.

On the third morning we’ll hold a critique session so that participants can leave with some honest feedback to take home and guide further revisions if thought necessary.

Here’s where this workshop offers valuable added value, thanks to the input of previous participants. Every poet dreams of being published and agonizes over how difficult it can be to figure out how to do it. That’s why I’m so delighted to introduce the four key guests who have accepted my invitation to speak.

On Day One, our two speakers (one in the morning, one in the afternoon) come from the magazine side of Highlights. Allison Kane is the editorial assistant at Highlights Magazine and edits most of the poetry as well as numerous other publications. Patrick Greenwish is Art Director for Highlights Magazine for Children. Patrick can provide insight about the importance of writing with an artist in mind.

For Day Two our speakers will represent the book side. Mary Colgan is Senior Editor for Highlights Press, the book-publishing division of Highlights for Children. Mary can answer questions about the whole range of books the company publishes. Rebecca Davis is a senior editor for Boyds Mills Press and for Wordsong, the only imprint in the United States dedicated to children’s poetry.

This is a perfect chance to learn firsthand from editors what they look for and how the process of reviewing poetry and deciding whether or not to accept it for publication works. We have to be good and hone our work till it’s ready, but we also need to be savvy about how this publishing business works. That knowledge can save a lot of heartache and wasted effort. For more complete information, here’s the link. https://www.highlightsfoundation.org/workshops/how-do-poets-get-published-learning-what-it-takes-2016 .

August will roll around before you know it. If this sounds interesting to you or you know someone who might like to come, please contact Jo Lloyd (Jo.Lloyd@highlightsfoundation.org at the Foundation for more information.


13 comments on “Poetry workshop reminder

  1. If I thought I had any poetic talent worth fostering, I’d do this in a heartbeat because this sounds like an awesome workshop and I’d get to hang out with brilliant, inspirational you! 😊

    • Good morning, Teresa! This will be my fifth workshop for Highlights and I’ve worked with a range from newcomers to poetry to a few who have already published a book or two. Some come to learn skills, some to polish theirs and pick up new tools, and some simply love the camaraderie of other writers and the inspiring ambience of the place. If you should decide to come, I promise you that you will not feel in the least uncomfortable.

  2. You know I sent in my deposit. Having total right knee replaced on June 30, so will be challenged getting around, but the last 6 times I was @ Honesdale, there was no racing or finish line. And everyone was gracious with comfortable chairs!

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