Location location location

Hi everyone,
The spider isn’t big. But it knows a thing or two about where to build its web. You can’t see them in this picture but the web is speckled with carcasses of tiny insects that fly up from the hedge below.20160412_103846_resized Besides, there are those two mouth-watering, plump geese that munch their way back and forth across the grass, so tantalizingly close! It would only take one and the spider will never need to hunt again!


7 comments on “Location location location

  1. Hi David, your post inspired this short poem.


    Caught unawares
    without any cares
    Insect’s ensnared –
    Woe! hasn’t a prayer.

    I wonder if Spider might consider becoming a vegetarian. There seems to be no shortage of hedge food on which to feast.
    I ‘kind of’ feel sorry for the unsuspecting little bugs (until they start messing with my vegetable garden).

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