Word of the Month word for the merry month of May

Hi everyone,

I heard someone say that April’s word, “making,” was a challenging word. I thought so too but it inspired a lot of excellent writing. I enjoyed all your poems and thank you for participating. As you know, I delete everything at the end of each month so there is no permanent record of your work unless you keep one. Word of the Month is strictly an exercise but it’s a good one and has endured now for seven years. If I thought there was a book in it, I would save your work or ask you to select your favorites to resend, but there’s really no theme and I’m afraid that such a project would never get off the pad.
Be that as it may, this is May, so let’s not fight it. The word for May is MAY!

A number of librarians have joined us over the past month and I am convinced that librarians are poets at heart. Let’s hear from you!


5 comments on “Word of the Month word for the merry month of May

  1. ‘Tis the merry month, some say;
    So we’ll see, day by hopeful day,
    Night by night when down we lay
    And come what may.

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