From geese to midges to toads oh my

Hi everyone,

It’s that time of year when life is luxuriously abundant around Goose Lake. The goose pair that has been freeloading on my front yard grass has finally reached its decision. Mama is now sitting on four eggs on the landing at the foot of my steps down to the lake. Two years ago this or some other mama (they all dress alike) made her nest on the landing where I could sit and watch her from the top step.IMAG1188This nest is a few feet to one side, making it impossible for me to get a good look without upsetting Mother Goose. To make matters more difficult for me, the sneaker-upper, she is surrounded by the turtles who clamber onto the rocks to sun, and once they start scrambling back into the lake, Mama is on full alert. 20160430_145454_resized
And then, of course, there’s the ever vigilant Father Goose (Sorry, Charles Ghigna, this is a different Father Goose) who hasn’t forgotten or forgiven the times lately when I have escorted the pair off my front lawn. 20160430_192711

Next I’ll tell you about the midges. We have a LOT of them. And toads. Got them too.


6 comments on “From geese to midges to toads oh my

  1. Thank you David for sharing your wild kingdom with us. Where I live now I see few animals. It has been too windy to walk to the pond in the woods and the geese have stopped coming. On my walk the other day I photographed a young groundhog.

    • Good morning, Mary Nida. I’m happy to be your guide around Goose Lake. It’s my daily pleasure.

  2. When you write about the lake, I love it, and am always envious, David. Love hearing about the new eggs, and those turtles! I have lots of birds, rabbits and squirrels (of course), but one special robin that seems to visit every day, one special thing. Have a wonderful day lake-watching!

    • Thank you, Linda. I’m glad that you enjoy the descriptions of life around here. There is always something new to observe and report on.

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