How about this for a poetic idea?

Hi everyone,

My editor Karen Boss spotted this on a bathroom wall and shared it with me. So I’m sharing it with you. Makes me want to do something creative with this idea, such as having stickers printed of a poem to cover some of the more traditional graffiti one finds scratched or inked onto bathroom stall walls. Would that be funny or would it just bring out the limerick writers? Keep it clean kids, keep it clean.
Poetry is Holy


2 comments on “How about this for a poetic idea?

  1. “Poetry is Holy”–sign on a
    bathroom wall

    Poetry is Holy

    On the wall above the crapper,
    this sign of respect,
    no greater than that
    of the girl’s name below it.
    Poetry is full of holes,
    deleted modifiers,
    bunches of weasel words,
    the leftover stop gaps
    of the halting tongue.

    Poetry is holier
    than thou, casting
    its man-made pearls
    before the feet
    and strophes
    of unbelievers.
    It manufactures false comparisons
    we dub metaphors,
    and their likely companions
    the Family Simile.

    Yes, poetry is holy
    if you hold with words,
    logos, coming even
    before light, in the Bible
    though not in the Dictionary,
    those twin brothers
    of the literary field.
    Of course, who knows about
    the Rhyming Dictionary
    which is the Trump
    of desert isle selections.

    I vote for poetry=holy,
    for it stimulates conversation,
    modifies emotion,
    solidifies truth,
    casts doubt on persuasion,
    and is an aid to memory
    long after memory is forgot.

    ©2016 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

    • Well here’s Jane-the-brilliant-Yolen to greet the day with holy words of poetry. Thank you for this informative, poetic discourse. Our sign maker in Boston should be proud indeed!

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