My Word of the Month poem for May

Hi everyone,
Strange how the mind reacts to a word. I have no idea why MAY landed me in prison.

Visiting an Old Dungeon
by David L. Harrison

You could miss them.
m a y
Bare scratchings on the wall.

Slate or grave marker,
mystery scribe?
My mind seeks yours.

Were these your initials,
the skeleton of your name?
All that was left
of your earthly estate,
bequeathed to a future world?

Or perhaps you wept
at your lover’s name.
Did you hold her once?
Give her a child?

Was May the month
they cast you in,
entombed forever
in this lightless hole?
Clanged shut
the iron gate of hell?

Villain or victim
you authored three letters,
a profound message.


4 comments on “My Word of the Month poem for May

  1. I like the imagination that led you into that cell, then asked the questions. But that ending is the best, David. Even in this darkest time, something to cheer. I also like “My mind seeks yours.” Isn’t it a universal wish when visiting a place of sadness, perhaps joy, too? Thanks for widening my view of MAY.

  2. Oh my goodness, David, your words do conjure up some cinematic ponderings, I love this romantic conjecturing, you standing there, backlit, by a stone wall, ivy-twined.

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