A sadness at Goose Lake

Hi everyone,

When you see this in your front yard, you know immediately that something isn’t right. Who is sitting on the eggs?
Yesterday when I noticed both parents out my window, I ran to check on the nest. First I noticed the water rushing over the spillway from the next lake in the system. We’ve had a lot of rain in the last two days.
And then I looked down at the nest, and this is what I saw. I feel sorry for the goose. She’s been on her eggs (there were four) approximately two weeks, roughly halfway to hatching them. Sometimes Nature turns a blind eye to what seems fair. 20160517_162517_resized


14 comments on “A sadness at Goose Lake

  1. Mother Goose – and get a gander at bad ol’ dad – not eggzactly the parents they’re cracked up to be.

    • I’ll be curious to see if she returns to the nest after the water recedes or just chalks it off to a bad day and moves on.

  2. 😦 Our geese with 3 goslings? The last time I saw them, there was 1 gosling left, and I haven’t seen them for a week or so.

  3. Poor Mom and Dad….and Grandma and Grandpa Harrison. They work so hard and then when nothing hatches it must be disappointing, even if they are only 1/2-way through. I have a duck on a nest in the chicken coop. Sure seems like she’s been on her nest a loooong time. I’m afraid nothing is going to hatch. Just hate to see their hard work go without any results. Keep us informed!

    • So true. I think of forest fires that take out thousands of acres of forest and meadow. Naturally we weep for the unfortunate human victims but there are many more casualties that we rarely consider.

  4. Heartbreaking, David. 😦 About a month ago my husband heard a loud noise outside, but since it was late at night we ignored it and went to bed. The next day we found our birdhouse which held a nest of newly hatched chickadees had crashed to the ground along with the stand it was on. The babies, still pink and blind, had been lying for hours and hours on the cold pavement. In my panic, the only words that came to mind were from a poem Jane Yolen wrote in March: “a wreckage of birds.” My husband managed to piece the broken birdhouse together, and we returned five tiny hatchlings to their nest. The good news is that four survived.

    • Michelle, what a remarkable story! And there’s dear Jane with a poem for just such an occasion. No surprise there. (:>

    • Good morning, Jeanne. Geese are noisy and messy and sometimes aggressive. I like them better in the air and the water than on my lawn. But they get a break from their usual nuisance status when trying to bring their next generation into the world. Maybe it’s because I recently wrote about it.

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