Another look at May

Hi everyone,

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7 comments on “Another look at May

  1. Two Eggs, One Goose

    The arithmetic of eggs
    is hard to unscramble.
    Laying, lying,
    a tangle, a bramble.

    Plus or minus,
    one on one?
    Zygotes, passion,
    done, undone?

    Two in the nest–
    round, ovate?
    Waiting their
    uncertain fate,

    Before uncurling
    beak or leg.
    if there’s a break-in. . .
    we’ve got goose egg.

    ©2016 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

  2. May Storm
    by David L. Harrison

    Between wall and lapping water,
    safety over comfort,
    breast feathers plucked at some cost,
    meager cushion against
    unforgiving stones.

    Each egg an individual
    known to her by sight, by feel
    beneath her belly.

    She sits and waits and watches
    through cycles of dark and light,
    between wall and lapping water.

    She sits and waits and watches,
    knows wind-driven rain that bows necks,
    watches water cease lapping,
    come as hunter with wet mouth
    seeking her eggs

    Until there can be no sitting,
    until the wreckage of hope
    lies swallowed,
    blank white faces perishing
    where they lie

    Until all that’s left is instinct
    whispering there will be
    another year.

  3. oh oh – goose
    out on the loose
    got gander laid
    went & laid
    an egg or two
    out w/ the bugs
    & morning dew
    tried to forget when she flew
    wild in the wind, free & high
    w/ her girlfriends in the sky
    now she’s gotta park her ass
    in the grass
    keep pkgs warm
    safe from harm
    try not to stir
    or wonder
    if he thinks of her
    maybe honk as he flies by
    in the –
    don’t wanna
    think about that

  4. Poor Old Geese

    Poor old goose
    Laments her nest
    Shoreline flooded
    Her clutch a waste

    Poor old gander
    What to do?
    He sticks with his mate
    And they muddle through

    • And so true, Karen. As I write this the couple is at my grass again. Maybe they’re discussing the idea of starting over.

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