Right now I’m just one inch short of panic

Hi everyone,
Today my M.O.W. and I are celebrating an anniversary. I can’t tell you which one because that’s classified information. Besides, the real day isn’t until Monday but we have other plans for then.

If I’m not attentive today it won’t be because I’m goo foffing. No! It will be because I have no gift yet and no plans yet and not even a card yet. I wasn’t expecting to celebrate TWO WHOLE DAYS early for heaven’s sake.

So today is scramble day while I race around taking care of things that some of you might be cheeky enough to suggest I should have done days or even weeks ago.

Even if you find fault with my planning and state of preparedness, I hope you’ll at least extend a modicum of sympathy.

Can’t visit any more right now. My hair is on fire.


14 comments on “Right now I’m just one inch short of panic

  1. WELL! Felicitations to you & the loverly Sandy on all these __ years of connubial canoodling! Good luck scrambling, kiddo.

  2. I never left such things to chance. I bought the gifts myself, wrapped them, handed them to David to give to me. Worked a treat. I was never surprised, but I always got what I wanted!

    • Jane I won’t deny that Sandy has used the same sure-fire technique more than once. Jury is still out on this one.

  3. From the beginning, we’ve chosen one big anniversary gift for the two of us. Share the burden. Secret to our success. But you seem to be doing okay in spite of the added challenge. Carry on, and Happy Anniversary to you both!

  4. Just B-R-E-A-T-H-E …………………
    Happy anniversary, David and Sandy.
    Everything will go your way
    and you will have a wonderful day!
    Just work your magic!

  5. And why is it that the thought of you anguishing over this situation, hair afire, makes me laugh wholeheartedly? Hee hee hee.
    Do have a good one!

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