Outdone by turtles

Hi everyone,


I’ve failed yet again to get a picture of the turtles that crawl out of the lake to sun on the terrace along the sea wall. These creatures are quick to sense potential danger. I can get close but never close enough to snap their picture before they dive in mass into the water. The best I can do is get their heads poking out of the water. I’m not sure if they’re laughing at me but I sometimes suspect it. I’m often reminded of the tortoise and the hare and have gained an appreciation for the poor rabbit’s dilemma.


14 comments on “Outdone by turtles

  1. Tortoise and Hare (for DH)

    Turtles, turtles everywhere
    except when you’ve a camera there.
    You click the button, turn it on.
    You look around, the turtles–gone.

    You wanted pictures you could share.
    But much too slow, the Harrison hare.
    While you were sighting from the lawn
    The tortoises were going–gone!


    • My dear Jane, why do I keep thinking that you would beat them at their own game, maybe with time enough to paint their portraits? Thank you. XO

    • Tortoise and Hare, Part II

      No matter how I creep and sneak
      To steal a wily turtle peek,
      They hit the water in a flash,
      Leaving me to snap their splash.

      Turtles, turtles everywhere
      Living life without a care
      While pictureless and helplessly
      I listen to them laugh at me.

      • Tortois and Hare Part !!!

        Who IS that creature up above?
        I want to give it SUCH a shove
        Always peeking, sneaking, staring,
        Always nasty teeth it’s baring.

        Always flashing bits of lightning,
        Always makes our small heart tightening.
        Thinks we’re slow? Ha! That’s HIS wish.
        But when we’re scared, we swim like fish.

        The Tortoises

      • Tortoise and Hare, Part IV

        No need to bow or genuflect
        But you should show me more respect.
        More than once I’ve saved some fool
        Baby turtle in my pool.

        I stop to help you cross the street
        When you’re out being indiscreet.
        Now I beg you, if you will,
        For just one second — sit still!

  2. Tortoise and Hare Part V

    That flash-and-dash man here again?
    To capture us by pix or pen?
    Well, like the hare, he’s gone tomorrow.
    That will cause no tortoise sorrow.

    He should read that Aesop’s fable
    Soon as he is at his table.
    There’s no race that he can win
    if he is not a turtle kin!

    (And kids, that’s how we old poets win the races,
    steady and not so slow!)

    • Tortoise and Hare Part VI

      I’m going to buy a selfie stick
      To snap a shot of you so quick
      You’ll see your game is all in vain.
      I’m smarter than a turtle-brain.

      I’m going to use my high I.Q.
      To make a monkey out of you.
      Surrender now and try to grin.
      This one race I’m going to win.

  3. Hare and Tortoise Part VII

    “David, David, come inside.”
    “Very soon my blushing bride.
    I have one thing more to click
    With my handy selfie stick.”

    “Jane is on the phone for you.
    A message–something you must do.”
    He sighs. The sun is going down.
    They have a dinner date in town.

    What can she want? And which Jane? Who?
    Picks up the phone. “What must I do?”
    “The turtles called the cops on you.
    Best stay away a day or two.”

    “Do you hear sirens? Do they wail?
    The cops might put you into jail.
    A predator they’re calling you.
    (The tortoise taught us something new.)

    He throws the stick into the lake
    and runs back home, he makes his break.
    He swears off taking turtle pics
    And using things like selfie sticks.

    He works in tortoise rehab now.
    Takes only snaps of sheep and cow
    who preen each time that he comes near.
    Next week he’s photographing deer.


    • Tortoise and Hare Part VIII

      Turtle rehab? Who would guess
      I’d like it here, but I confess
      I owe my gratitude to Jane
      For saving me the awful pain

      Of rotting in a prison cell
      For coveting a turtle shell.
      I’m growing fond of cows and sheep
      And only now and then I weep

      And pray for mercy for my sins.
      I dream of wicked turtle grins.
      The truth is, and I won’t lie,
      I’d really like just one more try.

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