Word of the month for June is . . .

Hi everyone,

Time to change gears. Here we are in June so we need a new word. Going back to the list of suggestions, I chose this one: WATER. Let’s see what you can do with it. For anyone who hasn’t jumped in with a poem before but has always intended to, here’s your chance.

Remember, this monthly exercise is meant to stimulate imagination. You can write directly about water or look for a different way to connect to the word so that water isn’t necessarily the main theme of your poem. The fun of W.O.M. challenge is to see how many ways you can think of to work the word into a poem.


5 comments on “Word of the month for June is . . .

  1. Agua. Wasser.
    Oh, H2O is eau
    In France.
    French rivers
    Bubbling streams
    Flow with eau
    Just think of that
    Lost keys
    Petites poissons
    Lucky centimes
    French swimmers
    Splash in the shimmers

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