Of parties and workshops

Hi everyone,

Some reminders.

On the 10th of this month, which is one week from tomorrow, I’m holding a virtual party so I hope you are planning to be there. This is my third such party and we always have a fine time. Dozens of people will attend so it’s a good opportunity to greet old friends and meet someone you’ve wanted to talk to. It’s a lively crowd with folks coming and going all day, sometimes into the second day, and I’m kept busy greeting new arrivals and introducing them around. The setting will be in my back yard around the pool and overlooking Goose Lake. I hope some of the resident creatures show up, too, so you can see for yourself why I keep going on about them. All you have to do to attend is click on the comment balloon on my post that day and leave your note(s). There will be hundreds of them. You can come early and keep checking back all day to see what’s happening.

Also, the folks at Highlights Workshops just sent out a reminder about my upcoming poetry workshop. Sorry I can’t duplicate their artwork but here’s the message. We still have people signing up to attend so if you’re thinking about it, here’s a nudger. There’s more at http://tinyurl.com/poetspublish


Find answers to your poetry questions
The publishing world can seem murky and impenetrable, especially if you write poetry. Aspiring poets may wonder:
• Why do publishers accept some poems over others?
• Why were my poems turned down, while poems in a similar vein were published?
• What do publishers want?
How Do Poets Get Published? Learning What It Takes (August 21-24) will demystify what goes into the decision to publish poetry. Poet David Harrison, author of over 70 published books that have sold more than five million copies, will lead the workshop, which will include:
• Presentations by guest editors.
• Writing time with prompts.
• One-on-one time with faculty.
• Mock editorial review meeting.
• Genre study: free verse, unrhymed verse, short form rhymed verse, and long form rhymed verse.

Did you know?
Our workshop costs are all-inclusive. Except for your travel costs, we take care of everything! You’ll get free transportation from the airport, lodging, meals, round-the-clock snacks and free wireless internet.
We would appreciate it if you would pass on this email to a friend.

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