Planting seeds of doubt

Hi everyone,

Inspiration often comes from unexpected places.
20160602_070811_resized You think I sit here brainlessly,
A rooted ornamental tree.
You don’t know that while you sleep
I lift my skirt and off I creep
From yard to yard on tippy-toe.
Oh how love a good peep show!
You might be shocked at what I find
When neighbors fail to close their blind,
And buddy if you only knew
All the dirt I have on you.


10 comments on “Planting seeds of doubt

  1. The Dirt Shows

    So fully in the dirt you’ve dug,
    (It’s Ugly like The Donald’s rug),
    You plot and plan your nasty peep
    While better trees just silent sleep.
    I hope to build a wall ’round thee
    To keep you bound, you nasty tree.
    And then I think that you will find
    A better way to use a blind.

    ©2016 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

    • Ha! That should serve notice that we’ll keep a better eye on it! I don’t know what time it is where you are. I need to check the time zone differences. Thanks, Jane. XO

      • I need to complain to somebody. You’re always ahead of me anyway. Now I have to give you a six hour head start? Not fair!

    • well rhymed, Ms. Jane

      To Thine Own Leafy Self

      On this creeping that thee doth do, i
      Mind – thou art a shrub & always was;
      To thy roots be grounded true
      And pretty is as pretty does.

      © 2016 Cheryl H

    • A Helpful Tip

      You haven’t seen my column yet?
      I dish the dirt for Tree Gazette.
      When I report my night’s forays,
      My fans adore my exposes’.
      They croak and chirp and hoot and yip,
      So you might use this helpful tip:
      Don’t be the one I get the dirt on,
      Turn off your light or keep your shirt on.

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