Making progress

Hi everyone,
David Harrison Elementary2 279
Over the last three weeks I’ve spent most of my time working on the long story I mentioned a year ago. I’ve now added a foreword and glossary and taken the story from 21,000 words to 33,000. Time to put it away for a while. Right now I think it’s perfect, and that’s always a hallucinatory state. I need to think about something else, work on a different project. And I know just the one.David Harrison Elementary School


3 comments on “Making progress

  1. So? What’s ‘the one’? Children? That school that was so inappropriately named? Hmmm? Why post a blog that confuses normal readers? Like Steven Hawkings using all those big words the other day.

    • Greetings, dear one! “The one” is a project that Dan Burr and I have been discussing. Dan is the wonderful artist who illustrated PIRATES and COWBOYS. It’s too early to talk about this new idea but it’s what I referred to. I apologize for being vague. I hope they don’t take my school away from me for being vague!!

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