Hi everyone

I start most days by typing “Hi everyone.” Then I sit back and wonder what I might type next. Sometimes I already know but most days my topic remains a mystery until I make something happen. I’ve done it 2,043 times now, counting this morning.
David from 417 Magazine
As you know, I often ask myself why I keep doing this. I wonder why a writer dares himself to produce something each morning when he knows that there are people at their keyboards in this country and others who will read it and make judgments. I’m recording scraps of my life in these posts and throwing them to the wind to go where they will. This morning date with myself has largely replaced my journaling but thanks to technology my monologues are made public and are read by friends and strangers alike. I try to be honest here. Maybe this is a Methodist’s form of confession.

This morning I’m focused on the long story again. I finished the major revision a week ago, set the manuscript aside for a few days, and returned to it. Now I’m deep into the rewriting phase. Yesterday I worked without a break for twelve hours and managed to get through 28 pages. I keep discovering spots that need clarification, events that need more color. This is hard, slow work, and I love every minute of it.


8 comments on “Hi everyone

  1. Me–I am up over 83,000 words on the Holocaust novel and can’t wait to finish it. At which point I will be thrilled it is done. And right after I will go into post natal depression until I start in something new. (Smaller I hope.)

  2. David: I hope you know that your morning habit is an inspiration and encouragement to many of us… a model of truth and generosity and amusement. So… thank you for looking into the face of mystery each day, and for finding words to express what you find.

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