In between

Hi everyone,
David publicity photo
Yesterday I finished the middle grade novel of the Amazon. What will happen to it who knows, but it is a story I had to write. The idea has been in my mind for 17 years so it needed to come out.

This morning I’ll get back to a story I started recently and am eager to pick up again. I’ll also spend an hour or two going over the layout for a new book of poems that has a pub date of next spring. I also have some manuscripts that need to be in circulation that I keep postponing because I’d rather work than market. Should be a busy day.

Grandson Kris Williams and his friends from Norway — Thor-erik and Trond — came over to relax in the pool again last night. I think the guys are having a good time here and we enjoy having them over.


4 comments on “In between

    • Thank you, Linda. I’ll let everyone know if I eventually find a publisher. It’s a new venture for me.

  1. Well done you! isn’t that a far out feeling,having a story circle your airport for so long then bringing it in for a landing? I hope it takes right off!

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