Another water poem

Hi everyone,
David as bookends IMAG2753
Underground Correspondence

Dear Miss Water:

I’d like to check on your supply.
The client I represent
is rather dry.

Dry Root

(Miss Water)
Dear Dry Root:

How much does your client drink?
It looks like we should have enough
I’d think.

Hope This Helps,
Miss Water

Dear Miss Water (What a Pretty Name):

My client’s growing very tall,
I’d say two hundred thousand leaves,
till fall,
plus a million bugs and boarders.
It’s all that I can do
to fill her orders!

How Can I Ever Thank You Enough?

(Miss Water)
Dear Dry (May I call you Dry?):

So glad you got in touch today.
Here’s what I have,
and more is on the way.
I hope this quenches your client’s thirst,
and I’ll pray those selfish weeds
don’t get there first!

Hugs and Kisses!
Your Miss Water

~~David L. Harrison


7 comments on “Another water poem

  1. Dear Miss Water:

    I have a problem with the loo,
    And so I turn in tears to you.
    Sprung a leak, our well is dry
    Which means we measure our supply.
    If you could tell us what to do
    Then we could clean this nasty loo.

    Mr. Unflushed

    Dear Mr. Unflushed:

    Till I can come and fix your well
    (Unflushed can be a stinky hell)
    Pray, borrow from your next-door neighbor,
    Just a bit of friendly labor.

    Miss Water

    Dear Miss Water:
    Advice well given and well taken,
    Nearest neighbor is a lake, and
    We can flush, but once a day.
    Can you come soon, this we pray.

    Mr. Partly Flushed

    Dear Mr. Partly:

    Done and dusted, lake and leak.
    Hope you find the flush you seek.

    Miss Water

    Dear Miss Water:

    Thank you, hope your face is blushing
    For the thanks from all our flushing.

    Mr. Clean

    ©Jane Yolen all rights reserved (not flushed away)

    • Ha ha, Jane! Thank for you for expanding the possibilities. Company’s coming and my M.O.W. is working me like a dog. I’ll answer the bell when I can.

  2. Like minutes the hours fly…
    Soft is the music; dim is the lamp,
    As Miss Water meets with Mr. Dry,
    And two become one, i.e. Damp.

  3. Miss Water

    Darling Dry, I hate to mention
    Something brought to my attention,
    But I just heard from Mr. Flush
    And he’s in such a frightful rush!
    Something’s clogged the poor man’s potty.
    Would your client be that naughty?

    Dry Root

    My dear, I don’t know what to say!
    I’ll check the matter right away.
    And thank you for your last supply.
    My client was extremely dry!
    She’s put on quite a growing spurt,
    And in her business that can’t hurt.

    Miss Water

    Dearest Dry, I trust you’ll hurry!
    I told my client not to worry,
    But Flush is frantic about his pooter,
    Says he’ll call out Roto-Rooter!
    What’s a girl like me to do
    To calm his angst about his loo?

    Dry Root

    I fear my client is at fault.
    Somewhere in her vast gestalt
    A prying member probing through
    The darkness blundered on his loo
    And plugged the pipe and never knew
    His dirty deed would trouble you.

    Miss Water

    Dry, your client leaves me vexed
    And she won’t like what happens next.
    I’m cutting off her fresh supply.
    Some leaves, I fear, are doomed to die,
    And here’s what else I’ll add to boot,
    Our relationship’s kapoot.

    Dry Root

    With all respect, Miss Water dear,
    The morale here is very clear,
    I’ve learned my lesson goodness knows
    To watch which way my client grows.
    I’ve made you angry to my sorrow,
    And I promise I’ll be good tomorrow.

  4. Miss Water

    Naughty, naught, Dry Root dear,
    It was just a tease, you hear?
    You’re so tender when you cry,
    Call you Wet Root, by-and-by.

    Call me later for a date
    When we both can deep hydrate.

    • Dry Root

      My dearest, what a great relief!
      I thought I’d lost you to my grief.
      Forgive me if I seem to gush
      And pour my heart out in a rush.

      And now I know I love you so,
      I’m toasting you with H-2-O.

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