So far so good

Hi everyone,

Monday I received an expression of interest by a publisher who would like to bring back a story of mine that went out of print a few months ago. Then I found the angle I needed for a new poetry collection that an editor likes but needs a stronger hook. Yesterday I finished making the changes to the proposal. Ten minutes later I received a note saying that a proposal by Mary Jo Fresch and I for an educational book has been accepted. I also learned that an interview by Highlights Foundation about my upcoming workshop has been posted and that another person has signed up. I don’t know what today might bring but a week that began without an agenda hasn’t disappointed me so far.

Here’s a reminder of why I call this Goose Lake.
20160621_193643_resized They were on my neighbors’ yard last evening. Obviously the neighbors weren’t home!


11 comments on “So far so good

    • I think those geese congregate there just to see our neighbor come rocketing out of her back door, waving and yelling her pretty head off. She wasn’t home yesterday and I’m sure I saw disappointment registered on some of those gander’s faces.

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