Another water poem

Hi everyone,

Another bubbling over the pot day. Makes me want to write a poem, but it’s hot and I’m lazy and maybe someone else will do it.

Oh, okay, I’ll get it started.
With temperature like water boiling,
My M.O.W. has set me toiling.
I lathered on some serious oiling
But still my back and face are broiling.
I’m being rendered down to glue.
Why can’t weeds get sunburned too?


4 comments on “Another water poem

  1. Oh Nature, you’re such a Mother –
    Too cold. Too hot – it’s one or the other;
    We’re begging you: take our advice
    Give us a break & let it be NICE.
    Don’t tell us it wouldn’t be easy
    Just to give us some cool & breezy
    How ’bout some rain? Not too much;
    Flowers, shade, birdsong & such,
    What’s w/ this summer crap, anyhow?
    Air as humid as inside a cow
    And every bit as bloody HOT
    Weather-guy reports & I think – what?
    Another week of this sweaty crap?
    I wanna reach in the TV & give him a SLAP
    Boiling hot the days keep keeping
    Stuffy nights too warm for sleeping
    Every year it’s such a bummer
    When spring gives way to boiling summer.
    90 by noon & I think ‘oh brother,
    Nature, you are such a mother -‘

    • Dear Cheryl,
      You can be so subtle at times that I have trouble knowing how your really feel. This, is not one of them. (:> Thanks for the chuckles!

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