A generational thing?

Hi everyone,

Some of you know the story of our swans at Goose Lake. Years ago our neighbors bought a pair of white swans for the lake. Everyone loved to watch them but eventually one died. The other stayed for a while but then flew to the next lake in this three-lake chain where it remained most of each year. Now and then it would return for brief visits. It didn’t mind the ducks but didn’t like the geese and often sent them packing. They would take to the bank until the swan was far enough away that they could get back into the water.

Four or five years ago a second swan appeared and paired off with the original survivor. They took up permanent residence on the lake above us and last year they had three babies. Two perished but one grew into young adulthood. This year it left its parents and moved to Goose Lake. I don’t know if it’s male or female but it has an entirely different personality than the parent that used to chase the geese out of the water.

20160626_170814The young swan loves to join the geese as they wander around the lake, sometimes joining in at the end of a long line. The geese don’t seem to mind. Maybe the swan just needs company. Maybe it made a careful survey of all the other birds and realized that it is alone. Maybe its hormones haven’t kicked in yet. For now, the lake is at peace.


14 comments on “A generational thing?

  1. David, how did you & Sandy find your house-by-the-lake & come to live there? It’s so beautiful + all those watery stories right outside your back door.

    • Hi Jeanne. Wouldn’t you like to understand what’s going on with these birds? I don’t know if they think or intuit or simply respond to what they’re wired to do. In any event, they are fascinating.

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