A challenge within a challenge

Hi everyone,

Yesterday Jane Yolen posted a Word of the Month poem inspired by ESCAPE. In the process she may have invented a new form. She told it in iambic pentameter in four 3-line stanzas and a concluding line with the following scheme:
abc/bca/cba/bac/b. I wrote one using the same form and enjoyed it. If you missed our poems, here they are.
David from 417 Magazine
The Summer I was Hot

My mother made the most amazing cape
To help me capture villains that I fought
Who didn’t know that I was only four.

She sewed it with material she bought
That gave me strength and confidence to roar.
I knew if necessary I’d escape

Because of all the magic that I wore.
Hidden in my secret cave I’d plot
A plan so clever all the crooks would gape

When suddenly I’d fly and they’d be caught.
I’d tie their hands and feet with Super Tape
And tell the cops they’d find them on the floor.

I was four the summer I was hot.
~~ by David L. Harrison

The World So Hot

I remember summers in New York,
the world so hot,
we sat on the fire escape.

The boom box we brought
with us, songs on tape,
much laughter, talk.

Perspiration at the nape.
Air conditioning then? Not
even in the cards. The cork

of the wine bottle shot
into the street below. Its torque
carrying it through the cityscape

where the world remained so, so hot.

©2016 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

If anyone else would like to try this form, I’ll look forward to reading the result.


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