Improving each day

Hi everyone,

Today my energy level has risen sharply. Instead of watching one lizard, I’ve doubled my efforts. Who knows how much better I’ll get before I finish.


4 comments on “Improving each day

  1. Two Lizard Day

    Vacations are like that,
    small mysteries,
    large memories,
    two lizards on the wall,
    water lace around the ankle,
    a long drink
    of lemonade
    after the sun’s morning
    puts your face to shame.

    ©2016 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

    • Vacations are, indeed, like that. A raven just confirmed this from a palm top. I think it likes your poem too

  2. Watching the lowly lizards
    Slurp up flies & bugs & such,
    I ponder lizards’ tiny gizzards,
    Devouring what was munched,
    Goodbye crawling, carefree flying
    To traverse a tiny digestive track
    Brief lives flashing past many eyes – dying!
    So soon? Could they but go back
    To maggoty larva days when all Life’s spectrum
    A rainbow of green lay just ahead
    O, to be cast from a lizard’s rectum,
    Only to fertilize & realize they’re dead.

    • Cheryl, my lovely witty friend, who else but you would rhyme spectrum/rectum? Thanks for the nose-snort. Now I’ll prepare an adult beverage and contemplate lizards’ gizzards. Much to consider! XO

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