I need a break!

Hi everyone,

I need a break from goo foffing. Yesterday I spent thirty minutes trying to take a picture of some of the huge wasps (cicada killers) that buzz around the shrubbery all day. 20160710_092747_resized Our Quixotic lizards cling to their palm trunks, doing push-ups and flexing their throat sacks to attract a date while hoping that one of these juicy wonders will rocket by close enough for their snap-out tongues to capture. Look carefully and you can spot three wasps in this picture. They fly so fast it’s sheer luck to catch one with a smart phone camera.

But enough of this intense relaxation. I need a break. Today I shall work on my poetry book with Charlesbridge! Tomorrow? Too early to make a call.

P.S. To friends who sent me “wish you were here” notes from ILA, many thanks. I missed you too!


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