Can’t outdo the moon

Hi everyone,

Saw more fireworks last night, and they were nice, but we still have a long way to go to top the moon.
I didn’t realize the moon was in the shot until I saw the picture later. I mark it 1 to 0, moon’s favor.


3 comments on “Can’t outdo the moon

  1. Topping the Moon

    Fireworks awake our senses.
    The retinas respond.
    But in the great game
    of Moon vs, well, everything else,
    It is always nil to the other side.

    Except maybe Jupiter,
    though we only see that
    great sparkling world
    through the lens
    of a space probe.

    It may be an illusion.
    A delusion. A chimera.
    As mystifying and elusive
    as crop circles, Nessie,
    and the kingdom of God.

    ©2016 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

    • And here’s Jane now! I was hoping to hear from you this morning (here) and you, poem in hand, are right on time. Thank you for both! Onward and upward! XO

  2. Moon Thoughts

    The moon must think,
    If it thinks at all,
    That men and their toys
    Are trite and small,

    Trying to match
    With trivial light
    The majesty
    Of lunar might.

    If it thinks at all,
    The moon must wink
    At silly fireworks
    Gone in a blink.

    ~~David L. Harrison

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