Cloud games

Hi everyone,

My mother and I used to look for shapes in clouds when we were on long road trips, Dad at the wheel, me in the back seat. I played the game with our kids too. Yesterday Jeff looked up and said, “I see ‘The Thinker’ in that cloud.” The_Thinker,_RodinSure enough he did, only from the back side. See what you think.



8 comments on “Cloud games

  1. Methinks Jeff clearly doth see — Quick ‘thinking’ — you have immortalized the CLOUD before it vanished! Perhaps it should be displayed side by side or back to back with the original.. what do you THINK?

  2. The Thinker

    That cloud, like The Thinker,
    considers dark thoughts,
    grrim, iconoclastic,
    rain and thunder,
    those things that pull us under.

    And like The Thinker,
    its whitened knees
    a resting place for elbows,
    It counts the hours
    till it showers.

    What makes it think. there
    in these daily doldrums.
    such dismal thoughts?
    It’s counting on, this dreary session,
    a very tropical depression.

    ©2016 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

    • Ack! I just saw this, Jane. Been on the beach with my brains on broil this afternoon. And now, off to eat and commit some further debauching. More when I can. Thanks! XO

    • Very thoughtful,Jane. Your very good but then we all know that. wish I could think and write like that. Sandy Harrison

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