No more goo foffing . . . for now

Hi everyone,
1987 in Arkansas woods
Remember me? I took off for a couple of weeks to love on my family, and now I’m back and ready to report for work this morning. Some nice things happened while I was away: an article accepted for a state reading journal, a working expression of interest in a new poetry collection, a good start on turning a prose picture story into one told in rhyme, a near-completion on the poetry chapter I started months ago.

Today I’m focusing on the prose-to-rhyme revision and from there I’ll get into the poetry collection. I have much work to do on that one to make it work, but you have to start sometime.

Glad to be back. Hope everyone is doing well.



6 comments on “No more goo foffing . . . for now

    • Jane, I officially, and humbly, accept this high honor, and I want to thank all the little people who helped me achieve this award. XO

      • and in that bathtub – given this week’s heat wave, you’ll want to stay right there w/ your rubber ducky & a tall glass o’ cool libation

      • Good idea. And as I look at that picture I notice that the tub gives me more hair, and it’s even darker. I may never get out.

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