A bra-zen plumber

Hi everyone,
Good day yesterday, first full day since we got home. Okay, I did oversleep so I lost one hour, but I’ll get the hang of it soon.

On Sunday we were getting ready to entertain Larry and Maryann Wakefield to celebrate Larry’s birthday when we heard the sound of rushing water in the basement. We were both dressed for guests in shirts, slacks, and shoes as we stood at the foot of the stairs and gulped at the heavy stream of water spraying from a water heater.

I was trying to remember where the main cutoff valve is located when my instant-action wife came streaking past me, almost literally. She had shucked her clothes down to her undies and went straight to her work of locating and turning off the valve that controls water to the whole house.

I offered to post a picture of her in her work clothes but she patiently explained why I might not want to do that.

Today we’re back in cold water (and I avoided hot water) but we still need a plumber to come fix or replace the heater. If it’s a guy plumber, I hope he keeps his clothes on.


8 comments on “A bra-zen plumber

  1. Hmm, did you get permission to post this? At least there are no pictures.!!!! I need payment of a glass of wine.

  2. Sandy is so smart!!! I wouldn’t have thought to do that when our water heater broke last year. We came home to the basement feeling like a sauna. Had to drag everything out and clean it up. Always good to have a reason to dig through things and throw stuff away. didn’t loose anything of value. The temperature gauge was stuck on hot. A thousand some dollars later it was fixed.

    • Hi Marie!
      I’ll be surprised if we get away with much less than that. We’ll find out tomorrow. I have GOT to get started emptying boxes and sacks to see what we’ve lost. Ugh.

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