Back into the wheel

Hi everyone,
Settling back into the routine little by little. A plumber is coming this morning to see about our water heater problem. Triple A came out yesterday to recharge Sandy’s car battery. Today I WILL get my hair cut. I’ve never been this shaggy.

Yesterday I learned that the summer issue of Colorado Reading Association Journal is out. It includes a reprint of my article that originally appeared in the New England Reading Association Journal last year called “Poetry Just for the Fun of It.” The article has been accepted for a fall or winter issue of the Missouri Reading Association Journal, and a slightly amended version of it is tentatively accepted for next year in the California Reading Association Journal. Arizona is reviewing it now as well as two or three other state journal editors.

I’ve completed the poetry chapter for the 5th edition of CHILDREN’S LITERATURE IN THE READING PROGRAM and this week I’m focusing on a new poetry manuscript. I think I can get it far enough along by the end of this week to share with the editor.

So onward and upward everyone.



4 comments on “Back into the wheel

  1. Sounds like you’re settling in from the trip. I’ve had a bit of catching up to do on your blog. The bathtub picture of a few days ago is a stunner. Big grin when I saw that one. And the hot water heater story sure shows Sandy’s character. Off to fill the bird feeder. One bird just looked in my office window giving me a look of disapproval. I’ve fallen down on my job. Time to get with it.

    • Greetings, Veda! Glad you liked the tub picture. Sandy took it years ago when we spent a weekend at Tanyard Springs in Arkansas. And I know about these demanding birds. I’m out of seed and the birds are not one bit happy with me either.

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