One month from today

Hi everyone,
Honesdale, David and Jeanne
Thirty days from now I’ll fly to Scranton and go from there by car through Honesdale and a few miles farther into the Pennsylvania countryside to the original site of Boyds Mill. Across the road is a farmhouse, the home of the folks who started Highlights Magazine for Children. On that property writers and artists from the United States and abroad now come to meet together, work under the guidance of established professionals, and take home good memories as well as knowledge that applies directly to their creative goals. Workshops take place in “The Barn” and attendees stay in cottages located short walking distances away.
One month from today I’ll greet this year’s poets who will be there to participate in a workshop I’ll lead over the following two full days and through noon on the third. During that time we’ll eat together, play together, and work together. I’ll divide our time into half-day segments, each highlighted by a presentation from an editor, a presentation and prompt by me, and plenty of time to work on that segment’s chosen form of poetry.
Ken and David
These workshops are small so everyone gets to know the group and feel comfortable as we spend the days and evenings together. Some poets are still looking for their first publication while others have already experienced that pleasure and hope to achieve additional success. No matter where the poets are in their careers, the small size of the group assures that everyone benefits and learns from one another.
Honesdale, Becca, Susan, and David - 2
As of this morning, seven poets have signed to join me at The Barn. With four weeks to go, I think we might hear from two or three more. That would still be a good number. Here’s the link for more information.

Honesdale, David and Cory


10 comments on “One month from today

    • Thank you, Matt. I wish you could be there too. You’ll be missed. Congratulations on your growing list of successes.

  1. David, these photos turn back time. I remember it well –small group of eight. At the house.The laughter, the camaraderie, the “Somebody Ought to Write a Poem” of it.
    And we sure did! I wish you all as much (and more) this time around.

    • Thank you, dear Cory! The cooks told us they’d never heard a group laugh more or have a better time. It has been a pleasure to remain in touch with so many from that group. Thank you for your good wishes.

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