Taking care of business

Hi everyone,
I’m in the process of setting up meetings with editors next month. When I finish the workshop at Honesdale, I’ll go to NYC for a few days for my annual trip. I try to meet with two in the morning, one for lunch, and two in the afternoon. Sometimes it works out, sometimes not. That time of year a lot of editors are out of their offices. I don’t remember when I started making these trips. I know it was before THE BOOK OF GIANT STORIES was published in 1972 because the idea for that title originated during one of those visits. Must have been in the late 60s.

As we’ve all discussed numerous times, a writer is a multitasking small business person. Getting to know editors and learning where their current interests lie is part of the job. Besides, I love New York. We always see some plays, visit museums, shop a little, drop by one or more of those welcoming Irish pubs, and generally walk around looking up saying, “Golleee.” Takes me a week to get the kinks out of my neck when we come home.


7 comments on “Taking care of business

  1. Firstly: need to comment on how the NYC light flatters you!
    Secondly: congrats on going to NYC when it is the least crowded!
    Thirdly: Love your autonomy at staging your own visits and representing yourself pro-actively while sampling the best of the arts and culture.

    • Good morning, Jeanne, and thank you. The only problem with going to NYC in August is that some of my editors will also be away from the city. But we never tire of being there and, of course, never run out of wonderful sights to see.

  2. So, Ms. Jeanne is absolutely right: You are way, particularly handsome in that photo Ms. Sandy took of you in NYC, which is a heckuva lot less crowded in seething, simmering August, but doesn’t it defeat your pro-active professional purposes going there then when fewer editors are there to be seen? What, I wonder, if you went in September? Or wait a little bit longer for some o’ that Autumn in New York?

    • Now there you go applying logic to my escapades in the city. Humph. Who can argue with that? Except that I usually go when I can tie it to something else, in this case right after the poetry workshop next month. In the past I’ve gone in September or even later. Win some, lose some. But the plays and other goodies are always there so we go with the flow. Oh, and thanks!

    • Thanks, Charles! I’ll do my best. Bear in mind that I’ll be at the mercy of one woman and maybe two. But I’m my own man. Right? Right.

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