Goose Lake minutia

Hi everyone,

A good, lazy weekend around here, the sort that gave me time to notice some of the small fry around the place. It began in our bedroom when I happened on a centipede making its way across the carpet. 20160724_122301_resized I started to step on it but thought about all the bugs a centipede eats in its lifetime. I got down on my stomach for a better look. 20160724_122744_001_resized I felt that I had its assurance that it meant me no harm, and so I gave the same to it. On with my swimsuit and into the pool.

It was the hottest day of the year yesterday, right at 100 degrees, so the pavers around the pool made you want to tiptoe and move right along. I was standing in the pool watching a large ant cooling itself in the shade of an umbrella poolside. It would crawl this way and that until it wandered out into the sun and onto the hot pavers, whereupon it would suddenly reverse direction and make a dive back into the shade. It did that a number of times so that I started making up a monologue to accompany its movements. “Hey! It’s hot out here! Ouch ouch ouch ouch! Ahhh, that’s better.”

As Sandy joined me to watch my ant’s floor show, a dragonfly stopped patrolling the air space above the pool to drop down between us and hover like a helicopter. It spent a few seconds suspended in space, examining us carefully to see just what sort of beasts had moved into its territory. It darted off and returned two more times before satisfying itself that we were too big to eat and too slow-moving to be a threat.

Still standing in the same place, I saw a hummingbird zip out of nowhere to check the limb where our feeder always hangs. Not seeing it, the bird flashed away over the roof and was gone. I was reminded that I need to buy a new feeder to replace the one that was recently broken by tree trimmers.

Following the bird’s flight over the roof, my eye fell on the ugly tent worm nests on our neighbor’s walnut tree. There are more of them than ever this year.20160724_135128_resized All in all, it was a weekend owned by the smallest of our residents. I enjoyed watching them.


9 comments on “Goose Lake minutia

  1. The Dragonfly Muses Above My Head

    Too big to eat,
    too slow for a threat.
    Why it’s on earth–
    I quite forget.

    Mayfly mind,
    and angel wings,
    I ‘m thankful that
    I have such things.

    It lumbers off
    and makes a splash,
    A strange rain falls.
    I hear a crash.

    No need to turn,
    cause this I know:
    too big to eat,
    and MUCH too slow.

    Jane Yolen ©2016 all rights reserved

    • My friend, I know you’re good. I know you’re quick. And still you surprise me again and again. Thank you for the instant chuckle. On behalf of all the small denizens of Goose Lake, you are appreciated! XO

      • I suddenly realized I had a couple of other similar poems–What the Last Goose in the Vee Thinks; and What the Robin Who Hit the Window Thought and that’s enough to begin considering a possible collection. . . .of my poems. Dog fetching yet another stick, Robin arguing with a bird watcher, bear sending off a hunter ith a bow shot, etc. It may end up another unsalable collection or it might just tickle some editorial fancy. As it has mine. Thanks for the push.

  2. David, I loved the view of your space. For I have two tiny, hard working spiders catching insects by the door. I do have to clean their home, but I do not harm them. Jane, you are quick to spit a poem before one can digest what David said. Thank you both for an enjoyable read so early in the morning.

    • Good morning, Mary Nida. Thank you for dropping by. Yes, Jane is lickity-split fast. I have an all-morning meeting coming up or I would answer the call. Maybe later today I can contribute something to the cause.

      • How did a whole day pass? Hopefully, better late than never.

        Eye to Eye to Eye to Eye
        With a Dragonfly

        zzz zzz zzz i
        what thiz
        I ponder

        zzz zzz zzz zzz
        zzz too big
        zzz will

        zzz zzz zzz zzz
        zzzee itz
        i zzzee

        izz it hungry
        should i
        zzz zzz
        get out

        more my
        zzz zzz zzz
        a smaller
        zzz zzz zzz zzz

        ~~ David L. Harrison

    • Jeanne, I report on Goose Lake at the risk of boring some of my readers, but on the other hand poems and books about nature are among the favorites of young readers and some of the best poets we have often return to subjects in the natural world around us.

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