Reading Roundup

Hi everyone,
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Our Reading Roundup committee met yesterday to select the winners of this year’s grant requests from Springfield Public Schools librarians. Renee Hunt, Rex Hansen, Terry Bond, and Morey Mechlin were there, as they have been all these years. I’ve never worked on a more stable committee. A few years ago we turned over the reins of Reading Roundup to the Foundation for SPS so Director Natalie Murdock officiated at the meeting.

As I’ve said before, sitting there reading grant requests gives us insights into the needs and ideas of librarians throughout the district, which is Missouri’s largest public school system. It has been a privilege to serve students in this capacity for the past sixteen years.

My thanks to all.



4 comments on “Reading Roundup

  1. Gosh, you are a shining example to us all, David. How you get work done as well. . .and of such high quality, boggles the mind. And I like to play boggle!

    • Jane, that’s very kind. I’ve cut back on my volunteer projects, down to Reading Roundup, Family Voices, and Imagination Library, because I don’t think I’m as good a leader as I once was. I’m gone too much these days so I can’t be counted on to focus on organizational issues and be there when needed.

    • Thank you, Jeanne. I do try to stay connected, but it’s still hard to call and conduct meetings when I’m somewhere else.

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