Revamping Family Voices

Hi everyone,
We started Family Voices in 2009 as a means to reach out to parents of children five or under and inspire them to read to their children every day. To do this we created a CD collection of children’s books selected by librarians and recorded by community leaders. When a parent or other family member comes to let us record them reading a story, we add it to the CD to personalize it and give the CD to the parent with a free book for each child in the family under five. We also established a website, OZARKS FAMILY VOICES, where anyone can hear the recordings. We recently added a second and third group of recordings.

The importance of reading to young children is well established yet fewer than 50% of families read to their kids on a routine basis. Family Voices has been working to make a difference for seven years now and I can tell you that it is difficult and time consuming to reach anywhere near as many people as we need to.

Today at 12:30 I’m meeting with a subcommittee to see what we might do to streamline our efforts going forward. We have some ideas that may help us reach more of our targeted audience. I hope so! I’ll let you know how it goes.



6 comments on “Revamping Family Voices

    • Thank you, Jane. We’re proud of it and hope to see it prosper for years to come. Hopefully we can fold it into a partnership with a larger organization along the way.

  1. David, this sounds like a wonderful program, one I think I’d like to duplicate in Tucson. At some point, might you send me additional details? We have a program called Make Way for Books, which provides the family of every newborn in Tucson a read-aloud and also a staff of volunteer readers, but this would extend the outreach so much farther. Thanks for dropping the seed.

    • Thank you, Larry. It will be my pleasure. Maybe we should hook up via Skype. That way and it might be easier to talk about the program.

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