Looking forward to Honesdale

Hi everyone,
Barnfall 032
That’s Kent Brown, mastermind behind these workshop opportunities. Three more poets have signed up for my workshop next month. This brings us to ten, a good number, and they are coming from California, New York, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Tennessee, and Illinois. It isn’t too late if anyone is still thinking it over. I’ve started the process of getting acquainted with the folks who are coming and yesterday I made good progress making notes and handouts.IMG_7305 For each half-day segment I’ll present handouts specific to that topic while I’ve giving my talk. The handouts will include descriptions and examples plus prompts to help get the poets started on writing their own. We’ll tackle free verse, unrhymed verse forms, short rhymed verse forms, long rhymed verse forms, and even try a rhymed picture book story. Should be fun.
Today I’ll spend some time considering what we might do as a group on Monday and Tuesday evenings after dinner. Traditionally we gather on the patio, sit around in chairs, and take turns entertaining ourselves reading and/or performing poetry. One year Jeanne Poland brought some rhythm instruments and we all had a good time playing with them. IMG_7315Matt Forrest showed us how to make his favorite recipe for smores one evening around the fireplace. Joy Acey, you’ve always had good ideas for the evening activities. Too bad you’re not able to get there this year, but I’m sure you’ll be with us in spirit.


4 comments on “Looking forward to Honesdale

  1. Wish I could attend this year! I have agreed to take care of my granddaughter that week. Hollie D’Agata

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