One way of doing it, two ways, maybe three . . .

Hi everyone,
David giving brief remarks
I’ve mentioned a new collection I’m working on. I’m going to be talking about getting published next month but wanted to mention this now so I can provide an update at The Barn.

I finished this group of poems in January. I submitted it to an editor I know and got a nice response that included a rejection with an offer to look at it again if I could come up with a better hook.

I let it go for a couple of months before returning to it, whereupon I thought of a clever hook, revised the manuscript, and resubmitted it. Yay!

Back came another rejection. Nice try but not a strong enough hook. But still left the door open.

I nearly crossed it off as one of those items that seemed like a good idea at the time, etc. Besides, I figured over time I would find spots in anthologies and such for at least a few of the poems.

But the project still had some life in it. Out of the blue I had the answer. The mystical strong hook!

By now the direction had changed so drastically from the original poems it was clear that to make this work would require so much rewriting it would almost be like starting from scratch.

So I did that for six poems. I sent them in with the new, just-out-of-the-box hook.

She liked them. But she wants eight or ten more before she’ll share the proposal with others on the staff.

So now I’m working on eight or ten more poems. When I finish, I will have essentially written two books in order to get one. I still don’t have a contract or know if one will be offered. Is this extra work worth it?

Only if you want to get published.



8 comments on “One way of doing it, two ways, maybe three . . .

  1. Yeah, and THAT’S how to do it, folks.

    And he still has a bunch of other poems that might go into another collection or anthologies by other people or individual poems or in essays or all of them in an article or speech about the writing and rewriting process. Win win win win win.


  2. Attention all Lily-Livers! All ye Down-in-the-Mouth Defeatists & Pusilanimous Pouty-Pusses, never give up! Never surrender!

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