My new motto

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I fished this one out of the pool. It was floating face down with wings askew so I thought it was dead. As I was tipping the net to throw it away, I thought I saw a leg twitch.
20160729_190038_resizedI laid it on a retaining wall and watched for a while. It revived, looked at me for a time, and flew away.

My new motto: make a new friend every day.



12 comments on “My new motto


    I flew too low to catch the bug
    Next thing I knew — glug glug!
    I couldn’t move or breathe or see.
    Quick as that it was done for me.

    But then a wondrous thing happened!
    A man appeared, a net slappened
    In the water, lifted me,
    Set me on a ledge — free!

    He spared me for another day.
    My strength returned, I flew away!
    He gave my life another try.
    Wowzers! Man,
    I love that guy!

    David L. Harrison

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