Gift market math

Hi everyone,

Somewhere down there is a gift market. Half the fun is finding it. The other half is wishing I had brought more comfortable shoes. The other half is wondering what to buy for our store. The other half is wanting to lie on the floor and rest even though it’s only 9:45 a.m.



4 comments on “Gift market math

    • Thank you, Linda. I’ve never enjoyed going to market the way people might think. After a time it turns into hard work and — yes — weary feet.

  1. jeez-louise, makes me remember such shows I used to go to & makes me TIRED! ENERVATED! FLATTENED LIKE A POOPED PANCAKE!

    • You’ve been there and done that for sure. Cheryl. How those reps stand on their feet all day and keep those smiles lighted is more than I can understand.

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