That was work!

Hi everyone,

It was a mad dash to the Las Vegas gift market on Monday and back last night. To bed at 12:30 and up at 6:00. I don’t think I turned over all night; never woke up. Saw/bought some good new products for the store and beefed up existing lines. When Sandy was choosing a new jewelry line, I wandered around that showroom and found a line of whimsical paintings that I would like to pick up. Might still do it. We flew Allegiant going out, a horrible experience that I wouldn’t do again if they gave me the ticket.20160803_073316_resized We traveled light, for me an extra shirt, underwear, socks, and my computer with some work stashed in the bag. No carry-on luggage, just ditty bags and zippered carry-ons. Sandy and I each carried two things. Coming back we were pounds heavier because of all the catalogs we picked up at market. We must have looked like Pa and Ma Kettle plodding along under all the weight. Lesson learned? After thirty-two years and probably fifty markets? Makes me wonder.

Today it’s back in the wheel. I worked on poems on the planes going and coming. I have three roughed in so it’s time to get them into the magic machine to see how they scan. Yesterday I heard from one of the editors I’d hoped to see later this month in NYC. She’ll be available so I’m glad about that.

I smell coffee in the kitchen so I’m off for a cup and then, yawn, to work.

Wishing everyone a good day,



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