The showgirl

Hi everyone,

Overheard in the Bellagio on the strip.
I’m just a painted lady now,
Stranded on a rock.
Posing for the tourists is my lot.

My plans? They went astray somehow.
Stardom didn’t knock.
You think I dreamed of this? I did not.

I’ll get away from here I vow.
Tonight at twelve o’clock
I’m going home to live as I was taught.


6 comments on “The showgirl

  1. The sad thing–as I understand it–panted and decorated turtles have a much shorter life as their shells cannot grow under such decoration. It basically kills them.


  2. Wow! I’m so impressed with the rhyming pattern. I’d love to know the process you used for constructing this poem. Well done. Does the form have a name I should remember?

    • Thank you, Joy. I don’t know if this is an established form or not. If anyone does, I hope you’ll let us know. I simply began with a first line and added a second and third to complete the stanza. There was no rhyme at that point. Nor was there a standard meter. I decided that maybe I was composing something in sprung rhythm — fixed number of stressed syllables with no fixed number of unstressed syllables.

      I started a second stanza, and began wondering if I could establish a rhyme pattern of abc, abc. That worked and by then I was smoothing out the meter to create a typical iambic line. The lines kept breaking into 4/3/5 beats and I liked it well enough to stick with that. The poem needed a concluding stanza so I tackled the third one and struggled to find another abc for it. I don’t know what you call the result but it was an entertaining challenge.

      This was a quickie that took fewer than thirty minutes. I might slow down and try another one.

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