Two things to do on a rainy day

BULLETIN: One thousand four hundred sixty-two pardons! Cory just pointed out that I failed to change the Word of the Month word! I can’t believe I forgot! The new word is MEN. I hope you won’t take this out on me. There are other men, you know!

Hi everyone,

This past Sunday we got into the pool and within minutes it started to rain. Not a heavy rain; more of a drizzle that plinked into the water without doing much damage to Sandy’s new do. No thunder or lightning. No wind. Just Mother N in a mellow mood. We stayed in for another hour or more. So pleasant.
The afternoon reminded us of the time a few years ago when we, with our pal Elaine Fry, were in New York and we strolled and window shopped for hours along the sidewalks in a similar drizzle. Never seemed to get wet enough to care.

Some days are like that. Perfect for walking or hanging out in the pool.

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