The pack master at work

Hi everyone,

Today I pack for two trips in one. Workshop clothes are casual and comfortable.smallDavidHarrisonPosterized New York is more . . . New York. Granted that real New Yorkers dress any way they darned well feel like dressing, but when one goes to a nice restaurant or sees a play or sits across the desk from an editor, well, a certain decorum should be observed.20150926_104741 And there’s the rub. I hate dragging a big suitcase around these days. Too spoiled by squeezing everything into an overhead bag. This is going to take some planning.

For seven days:
6 pairs of underwear (wearing the 7th)
2 pairs of socks
1 handkerchief
3 pairs of slacks (wearing the 4th)
2 dress shirts
1 sport coat (carry on the plane)
2 workshop shirts (wearing the 3rd)
1 light sweater
1 pair of dress shoes
1 pair of sandals (wearing them)
ditty bag

In the computer bag:
Laptop and charger
phone charger
wine opener (well you never know)
copies of poem critiques
presentation outlines and notes
manuscript to work on
extra pens, pencils, leads
throat lozenges
book to read

What do you think? Can I stomp all that into one bag small enough to fit into the overhead? Sometimes I gate check but you can’t count on that. When we came home from Vegas recently, I weighed my bag and it came to twenty pounds. The computer bag was sixteen. But a lot of that was catalogs I was carrying for my M.O.W.



12 comments on “The pack master at work

  1. masterful, indeed, and yes, you can do it. Re: socks, you must be planning on wearing sandals most of the time. Socks take up little room or weight. Go ahead and throw in a couple more pair. 😉 And happy, fruitful travels!

  2. well, one CAN wash out one’s spare pair o’ socks & let ’em dry overnight. same w/ underwear. that said, I love reading packing lists such as yours & too, John Steinbeck’s in Travels With Charley and Wm. L.H. Moon in Blue Highways. Oh the things you’ll do, the places you’ll go, the good conversations you’ll have! Then come home safe.

    • True, true. On a trip to England I washed out socks and undies in the sink at night and off I went the next day. Haven’t put the first thing in the suitcase yet. Space may well dictate what I wind up taking.

  3. David, I think it is doable. Make sure to tuck the socks into your dress shoes. Roll some of the clothes to fit better in the suitcase. For example, you shirts can be laid together (one on the other) fold sleeves in to center to form a square and then roll into a tube. Same can be done with the underwear and sweater. Just be sure you can have access to an iron for quick touch up. If you wash some of your socks and your room has a blow dryer that will help with some of the drying. Good luck on your packing and let us know how your trip went. I see the makings of a neat poem about that suitcase packing experience–ahhh! The woes of business traveling.

    • Spoken with the efficiency of a principal, Beverly. I’ll believe anything you tell me! I’ll let you know how it all works out!

  4. I’m sure u could leave the extra slacks at home. And of course in your advanced age, you know the adage: ROLL, don’t FOLD. ENJOY AND SAFE TRAVELS P

    Patricia Hermes


    • Honey, either way takes longer these days. To roll over at night takes two grunts and a sigh. Folding requires help to get unfolded. Or were you talking about clothes? Oh. Never mind.

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